Apart from hunger, they suffer terribly from the abandonment. They have no relatives who would encourage them. They often try to drown into a cheap alcohol their pain of existence, sadness and rejection. The record-holder had not eaten for 10 days. He had no hope as well. He got to the canteen where nobody inquired about his address or sobriety. He just received bread, that’s why he survived.

Every day, in the canteen of the Betezda Mission we give out meals for the inhabitants of our city. We do not classify our guests according to their address, income, age or religion. A hot drink and a slice of bread with meat, lard or cheese awaits them every morning. While consuming the food, they hear the Good News of the life changing love of Jesus Christ.

Distribution of food is a symbol of expression of our affection for people. We want to show our guests that they are important, loved and accepted. In this way we can break their sense of guilt, lack of faith and frustration. Undoubtedly, in many cases, we save their lives.