LiP – a new quality of helping the poor

What is LiP? It’s simply Love in Practice. This is a revolutionary method of helping the poor, homeless or those involved in addictions. 

What is so unique about this idea? The traditional method assumes that only those who are willing to do something with their lives deserve help. It is expected that somebody who comes will meet certain conditions and show a particular behavior as well. 

We want everyone who comes to our Mission to receive love without any precondition, and this love has to be expressed in a factual action. Firstly, we want to satisfy basic needs and create an authentic atmosphere of acceptance. In this way we want to reach the deepest man’s motivations, so that his transformation would not be only superficial, based on the “give and take” rule. The permanently changed motivations transform one’s beliefs’ system and the way of thinking, and thus a new better life.