In this section we would like to thank all donors who partake in supporting Betezda Mission: THANK YOU! These donors are the individuals, companies, enterprises, foundations, churches and everyone endowed with sensitivity to the plight of others.

We are thankful all:

  • who have been supporting Mission since 2003
  • who joined us later in cooperation

We thank you for donations, the goods, your time and for the each stretched out hand. Your every gesture was, is and will be very important to us. It’s because of you that Mission can help people in difficult situations in their lives. We don’t even know many of you in person… We are grateful to God that He has made You, Dear Donor, a man of sensibility. May all the blessings of God come upon you and your family.

On our website you can find out what was and is going on in the Mission. Our vision embraces a big area which requires lot of expenditures. Therefore we encourage everyone who visits this website to contribute to this work.

We appreciate each financial “seed” or any other support (our needs are listed in the fold “canteen”).

We have been created to help others. The Lord Jesus said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35), therefore, trusting in this Word we believe that you have your share in this blessing. 

If you decide to join our vision you can send any donation to the account as follows:

Kanaan – Misja Betezda
ul. A. Czartoryskiego 12
85-222 Bydgoszcz

Account No: 

Bank Millennium SA

GBP:  PL75116022020000000096259732
EUR:  PL50116022020000000096260279
USD:  PL07116022020000000096260762